Women’s Health Center Cologne

If a woman's health tips out of balance, then the physical and emotional consequences can turn her whole life upside down. She has to be able to trust the team of medical staff providing treatment for gynaecological problems and diseases. At the Women's Health Center Cologne, we have an interdisciplinary team of experts who can ofer patients the best possible care and support at every stage of their lives - with sensitivity and the latest state-of-the-art, high-tech medical care.

Top connections and always a step ahead

We work with experts in Germany and all over the world to achieve scientific progress, and offer our patients at the Women’s Health Center Cologne outstanding medical care.

With state-of-the-art facilities, precise diagnostics and innovative treatment methods, we are setting global standards in our fields of medical speciality.

Innovative, gentle treatment methods

Thanks to the  availability of medicines and antibodies, we can even treat even advanced diseases. We always strive for the least invasive methods possible and, in the case of cancer, to preserve fertility. Naturally, our patients are included in all our decisions. We are there for you, as your partner, aso that together we can determine the best possible course of action for you.  

Women’s Health Center Cologne: advanced medicine and partnership for women at every stage of their lives