At the University Hospital

Our International Office

Our International Office is centrally located. You can find it in the ground-floor entrance area of the main building of University Hospital Cologne. The office is manned by at least one staff member from Monday to Thursday, from 8am to 5pm and Friday from 8am to 4pm. Staff at the office will be pleased to help you or those accompanying you with any questions you may have. In urgent cases, you can also contact us to make an appointment outside normal office hours. 

Team and Contact

Your treatment

Before your first appointment, we will be pleased to welcome you at the International Office. The first examinations will then be performed at the Medical Care Center (MVZ) of University Hospital Cologne. This is also where the further course of treatment will be planned and it will be decided which department of University Hospital Cologne is to receive you. A member of our staff will always accompany you to your appointments and examinations at University Hospital Cologne in order to translate any medical questions. Our staff speak German, English, Russian, Kazakh, Arabic and Turkish

Health check-ups for relatives

If the people accompanying you are interested in having a check-up, we will be pleased to arrange this for them at University Hospital Cologne. The basic health check-up involves, for instance, a comprehensive physical examination, various lab tests, checking various body functions (cardiovascular system, lungs) as well as advice on nutrition and physical exercise. As part of the comprehensive health check-up, special early detection screening, for instance cancer screening, is carried out.

Advanced medical equipment is used in diagnostics. The CT imaging method used offers low radiation exposure combined with excellent image quality, so that sensitive regions of the body can also be examined in a safe and precise manner. We also have the most advanced magnetic resonance imaging equipment in all of Europe. The open MRI scanner ("open tube") is the comfortable solution for people who suffer from claustrophobia, who have limited mobility, for newborns and children, as well as for obese patients.

Child care

In the "Spielland" day care center, children between the age of two and nine can be looked after for up to three hours for a maximum of just four euros. Your little ones can play, build, paint and so much more under the trained supervision of our staff.  If you should need additional childcare services, we will be pleased to assist you.

Religion and culture

If you wish to be catered for during your stay at University Hospital Cologne, you can rest assured that the diverse range of food on offer reflects different religious customs and rules. The central canteen on the campus of University Hospital Cologne also offers a daily selection of dishes that includes different types of meat and vegetarian food.

In addition to our Christian chapel on the premises, our "room of silence" is a place of reflection for people of all religions. Cologne has a total of 20 mosques which are frequently used by our international patients and their families.