Going home

Your medical records

When it's time to go home, you will, of course, be given copies of all the medical records made during your stay. If necessary, we can also help you to have your documents translated into your native language.


Please let us know if you need help booking flights for you and the people accompanying you. We will be pleased to assist you here too. We can also arrange transport from your hotel or from University Hospital Cologne to the airport.

Customs information

When leaving the EU, you will not be required to pay duty on gifts, normal personal items or clothes. If you are carrying 10,000 euro or more in cash (or in other currencies or checks) on your person, you are required to report this to customs. Forms are available at the customs office at the airport.

If you are bringing valuable items with you to Germany (e.g.  expensive camera equipment, watches or jewellery), we advise you to present these items at the airport in your home country and complete the related documents. That way, there will be no doubt regarding the origin of the items.

Your invoices

You will already have paid the first deposit before you arrive. Following the first examinations here in Cologne, you will receive another cost estimate for further medical treatment. This amount is due and payable during your stay. The final invoice will be issued after your treatment has been completed and you have left. If the invoice sum differs from the amount stated in the cost estimate, you will be refunded the difference or you will be requested to settle the amount still payable. All costs incurred can be settled in cash or by credit card.